Young Australians Need Geography

May 31, 2016

Children are known for their remarkable intelligence and ardor. Their social traits start developing at a tender age. At this stage they become more responsive and curious to their surroundings. It is therefore the best time for your child to start learning about new things since they are more receptive. Geography is one of the most important subjects in the World. For every child to have a better understanding of the World’s challenges it is imperative to introduce it at a tender age.

6 Reasons why Young Australians Need Geography

National identity

  • National identity is all about the feeling of existence and belongingness to a specific Country. Every young Australian in the 21st century needs the subject to have a better understanding of his/her country and its people. Geography stimulates a sense of interest, dedication and love in our young ones mind about their beloved Australia and its borders. It is through the subject that they are able to understand simple statistics about the country’s population and issues affecting them in general. It triggers a sense of connection as well as promotes a common understanding with fellow countrymen. Our young ones develop a sense of humanism, attachment and loyalty towards their citizenship.

A better understanding of the World

  • Geography stimulates curiosity in every young Australian’s mind about the entire World and its challenges. It is imperative to ensure that our children have a clear understanding of what goes on beyond our borders. This will create a sense of respect for others beyond Australia. As a result they will learn to respect neighboring countries borders, religions and people. Without Geography they wouldn’t understand why the World is interdependent .It brings them face to face with the reality that we are all connected somehow through communication, economy, religion, entertainment and other factors. For that they become better global citizens in future.

Climate change

  • It’s a fact that Geography is an everyday thing. Our children are able to understand that our lives revolve around the subject in one way or the other. For instance it makes it clear that Geography is all about studying about our land and what really affects us. In this case they will be able to appreciate why we have different temperatures and climates. The subject opens their eyes on natural calamities that happen all over the World such as, hurricanes, volcanic explosions, earthquakes, weird water reactions, tornadoes and hurricanes. On the other hand they become aware that we are also responsible for climate change through environmental destruction.

World economies

  • Geography brings us in touch with the World’s economies. Subsequently it makes us realize that we depend on each other to strengthen our economic positions and power. It’s a reality that some economies are greater than others and as a result have more influence in the World. This arouses our children’s curiosity on global economic powers and what it means to be interdependent to improve the quality of our living standards. Without this subject in our schools our kids would have difficulties understanding why education is so important in making any economy great.

World population

  • Our children need Geography to understand what World population is all about. For instance it makes it clear why we all have different cultures, clothing styles as well as geographical factors such as climate, temperature and soil. It also exposes them to social factors which influence and affect the entire global population such as health, religion, beliefs, education, infrastructures among others. It is through Geography that our people can have vast knowledge and understanding of the entire human race.

Education and Career

  • It is important to introduce our kids to Geography at an early development stage so that they can gain academic discipline as well as develop other important skills. Many great people have made tremendous career developments thanks to Geography. The subject is responsible for wonderful careers in meteorology science, urban planning, resource management, land survey and many others.


  • It is sad that more students are dropping the subject not knowing of its significance in our day to day living. We should therefore encourage our children to study Geography in Australian schools as parents. The Australian government should make it a compulsory subject in our education curriculum as well as ensure that our schools have highly qualified geography teachers to empower our children with better knowledge on the subject.

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