After School Classes

  • After School Class

    TERM 1 2024
    Monday 29 January – Saturday 24 March (8 weeks)
    TERM 2 2024
    Monday15 April – Saturday 29 June (11 weeks)
    TERM 3 2024
    Monday 15 July – Saturday 21 September (10 weeks)
    TERM 4 2024
    Monday 7 October – Saturday 21 December (11 weeks)

    We accept new enrollments at any time in a term including the final week. We will arrange a discounted cost for you per the weeks remaining in the term.

    Appropriate For
    • 5 – 8 Years
    • 9 – 12 Years
    • 13 – 16 Years
    • All courses are quality assured (maximum class size, 8 students) and follow the Montessori methodology and use Montessori educational resources.
     Class Schedule
    • Duration: 2 hours / 90 minutes 
    • Location: Airport West or Princes Hill
    • Drop Off Class – One or Two Teachers


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    What You Will Learn
    • Your child will learn Italian effortlessly with interesting activities like games, songs, art, stories, dance, puppets and various tasks.
    • Every term children will learn new vocabularies and sentences to be able to have a conversation about.
    • Introducing themselves and to others.
    • Describe people, animals and things.
    • Understand and carry out commands related to the classroom and around their house.
    • Expressing likes and dislikes.
    • Favourite things: food, activities, sports…59
    • Identify and describe family members and extended family
    • Describe weather conditions
    • Identify months, days of the week and seasons
    • Identify activities which take place during the day at home or at schools.
    What You Get
    • Bravissimi certificate.
    • Sit back and enjoy your Star progress.
    • A fun and playful environment for children to grow, build confidence and achieve fluency of the Italian language.
    • Take advantage of the curriculum based on the current Italian Schooling System.
    • All stationary material supplied. (Suitable for children – No toxic products)
    • Receive, via email, Language Support. (To keep up with new vocabulary and sentences to use on a daily routine.)
    • Gain access to Bravissimi’s own specialized educational equipment.
    • Small class ensure that our Stelle receive heaps of attention. (Classes of 12 with 2 teachers in our well equipped main class “Piazza dei numeri e delle lettere)
    • Improve overall cerebral development leading to better academic results, social and cultural awareness and economic employment prospects.
    • Learn Italian from native Italian qualified teachers and childhood experts.

    Course schedule: Choose Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday – Friday or Saturday class.

    We assure you with our extensive experience in Italian language programs that most non-native speakers pick it up without much struggle.

    Understanding the roots of the Italian language is easy at Bravissimi, for we create a really authentic ambience in our classes. From stories to songs to cooking activities, kids will get a lot more than just learning to speak Italian.

    The experts at Bravissimi understand that learning any foreign language, especially a culturally rich one like Italian language requires various learning capabilities. Recognising sounds, associating letters with usage patterns and building contextual understanding are crucial skills.

    * Discounts available for siblings or extra class per week. (Contact us to suit your needs)

    This curriculum may be subject to change without prior notice.