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    At what age can my child start attending classes?

    You can enrol your child for language classes as babies as young as 6 months as at Bravissimi we specialise in teaching this age group with songs and games. Don’t worry about confusing a pre-talker by introducing foreign words at the same time as he/she’s learning to speak her primary language. There doesn’t seem to be any limit to the number of sounds a human mind can store at a young age. Children have an innate ability to tell one language from another.


    Is there any discount if I enroll more than one child?

    Yes. Sibling discounts are available. Contact Bravissimi to arrange and suit your needs.



    We love meeting siblings and as much as we welcome them at Bravissimi, the classes are designed to focus on the number of students enrolled. In order to ensure the quality of teaching, our Stelline and 1 hour Stelle class sizes are limited to only eight students. Having the extra siblings in the class increases the number of students which can be disruptive for the students enrolled, effecting the quality of teaching and learning environment.

    We also understand that it might be difficult to find someone to look after the siblings of the students enrolled, therefore Bravissimi has come up with TWO options to create the best learning environment for both the students and their siblings:

    • If the class has a place available the sibling is welcomed to join the lesson at a DISCOUNTED rate of $15.00 per class. This is subject to availability on the day. Booking is essential, so kindly contact Giusi (Mob.: 0439 90 30 25) in advance to ensure there is a place available on the day.
    • If there are no places open in the class. Bravissimi will take a new initiative to organise an Italian baby sitter who will offer to take care of the siblings in a fun learning environment. This will also be offered at the DISCOUNTED rate of $20.00 per student. Booking is essential in order to organise the baby sitter, please contact Giusi beforehand so that she can organise this option for you.


    How big are the classes? How many teachers are there in each class?

    45 minutes and 1 hour classes: one teacher. Max 8 students per class.

    All 1.5 hour and 2 hours classes: Max 12 students per class (divided by groups of 6 + 6) two teachers, so every child gets a lot of chances to participate and learn accordingly.


    Are the teachers native speakers?

    Yes, at Bravissimi all teachers are native speakers. All teachers are carefully selected by their characteristics and role by Giusi Galbo, Star Leader.


    What can I do to help my child settle in?

    Talk about the transition to your child in a positive way and try not to let your own anxiety about the change show to much. So, make the goodbye prompt and positive! We know this sounds easy, but can be difficult. Give your child one more minute, spend a little time for a quick activity together. As a parent, the best thing to do is to give your child a hug (un abbraccio) and a kiss (un bacio), say “I love you” (ti voglio bene) and reassure your child that you will be back soon.


    My child does not speak Italian after Italian lessons.

    Children absorb a second language very quickly. They understand everything but will use it when needed. Just give them the chance or a motivation! They will surprise you when least expected.


    Should I bring any snacks?

    Only in the 2 hours classes is necessary to bring a packed healthy snack. (Please consider: nuts and peanuts can cause allergic reactions to other students)


    Can I still enroll my child if they’ve missed the first week or more?

    Yes, it’s never too late to enroll – children will fit in any classes with no difficulty whatsoever.


    Does Bravissimi offer trial lessons?

    Yes, however it depends on the capability of the classes and a fee will be charged accordingly.


    Are classes conducted entirely in Italian?

    Yes, all our classes are full immersion in Italian; however, in extreme situations, it may be required that we communicate in English just for orientation on what’s going on.


    Can my child attend more than one class per week?

    Yes. Bravissimi acknowledges that repetition is important when learning a second language, it actually make a big difference! We offer a discount if you book your child in for a second class per week.


    What happens if my child misses their regular class?

    A makeup class can be arranged. Simply contact Bravissimi to book a suitable session for your child.


    I’m going on holiday. Can I put my fees on hold in the meantime?

    We rely on our fee “Terms & Conditions” structure to keep classes small and minimal. We often get asked this question by parents also when children are ill or many other reasons.

    If we put on hold fees for someone we then have to do it for everyone, however, the school could not operate with the high level of education and the much pre-preparation behind the scenes. We encourage catch up classes but they are not compulsory. We will be aware of children that have missed substantial classes and will endeavour to give these children extra attention as required.


    Is there parking nearby?

    Free Parking is available directly in front of our school in Airport West and plenty of parking is available in our Princes Hill location.


    How can I make a booking?

    Internet bookings can be made at anytime here or phone bookings can be made Mon-Sat on our answering machine on (03) 9338 0831. Please leave a message and someone from our friendly staff will call you back asap.


    How can I pay for my booking?

    Payment can be made in person or online via our website.

    We accept cash – Visa – Mastercard – PayPal or Bank Transfer (see details below).


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    If you have any further questions, please Email Us.


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